Can you help ?

I am always looking for further details to add to our website!
If you have anything for any of these sections of the websites, or if you have new topics you would like to have added to the website, please get in touch using the email link in the Contact section at the bottom of the Menu.


Gravestones & Memorials – send in any pictures you may have if you don’t see them on here already
Biography pages – send me your words (simple or complex) – homage to an ancestor maybe ?
Golf match info – for those who have been involved, still looking for details to add
Newspaper cuttings and articles – let’s collect them all in one place as you find them
Buildings & Places – any places or buildings not yet mentioned ?
The Arts – I would love to expand on the list of our artistic people 🙂
The Sports – Leo is still hogging the limelight, there must be others out there!
Argentina – dedicated to all things Argentinian
Australia – dedicated to all things Australian
Canada – dedicated to all things Canadian
New Zealand – dedicated to all things New Zealand
U.S.A. – dedicated to all things American

IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE – let me know what you think

DNA Test results – holding page already created
Census data – I am currently collecting information
Events within the family – excluding Jamborees as they have their own section