Table Search and Filter

Many of our network of websites use tables to display information and/or to select further options.

For small tables, simply looking up and down the options is fine.

However, for larger tables there is a facility to make finding what you are looking for much easier – the Search function.

Where it is available, you will see the Search box at the top right of the table.

The items displayed will change as soon as you start typing in that box.
Cancel the Search/Filter by clicking on the ‘x’ on the right hand side of the Search box.

The search is done on all columns of the table, on any part of any of the words and is not case sensitive.
For example, entering “LIZ” (or “liz”) would find rows that contain both Elizabeth and Lizzie.

You can enter more than one word (or part thereof) and the system will filter to show only those rows that contain BOTH words.
Continuing the example, entering “LIZ” and then “JON” as separate entries in the Search box would stop the Elizabeth Maliphants being displayed and leave only Lizzie Jones as the selection.

Many of the tables include the Ref ID number of Maliphants – entering the number as a search value would immediately reduce the list to only entries for that person.

If your search value(s) filter out ALL entries, the display will say “No matching records found”.